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These Three Decided To Get A Mermaid Hair Color And They Are Rocking It!

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The Little Mermaid has always been my favorite movie.


since the time I woke up on Christmas morning to unwrap my Ariel and Eric dolls (in their wedding outfits, duh) and refused to open the rest of my presents because those were the only ones that mattered.

Ariel plays a big role in the lives of a lot of kids, but as an adult, she’s still pretty awesome. Headstrong and absolutely fearless, she’s a champion for anyone who’s ever felt like they don’t fit in. Even if you feel like you don’t belong under the sea, there’s a place for you on land if you’re daring enough to trade your fins for legs.

And if you have felt the same like me, then you are about to enjoy what you are going to read.




We all saw these gorgeous sea-inspired mermaid hair work of art that all over our Instagram feed, but do you ever wonder what it is like to get the multicolored hair of your dreams in real life?

These three Claire, Lara, and Pablo decide to give their time, and hair, to find out how much work it takes.


The first process is bleaching:  it can take about three to five hours.




if you want a lighter tone you want, then your bleach will be lighter. So, If you want to have a darker mermaid hair color, the process will be shorter.




The second process: adding these super vibrant shades.


The Final Result!




I’m in love with their look and I believe I am going to do the same very soon. Now, would you actually take the step and get your mermaid look? tell us in the comments below.



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