Man Dressed As Batman Takes Over The Streets Of London To Stop The Evil Clowns - Viral And More

Man Dressed As Batman Takes Over The Streets Of London To Stop The Evil Clowns

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Batman just appeared to help traumatized children from the clown wave that struck London.

Watch the amazing video down below.

This year had the highest sighting of street clowns since the Halloween of 2008 when everyone was wearing the custom of Heath Ledger’s Joker custom from The Dark Knight.

A man got dressed in a Batman custom to help traumatized children

The nightmarish clowns, who wore makeup and full clown customs, were sighted in the following areas: WisconsinSouth Carolina, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, and Arizona. Now, what is there to be done to stop that horrible plague of scary clowns?

Well, the answer is very easy. We bring The Batman.

A man got dressed as Batman to help traumatized children to feel safe from the wave of clown that hit Whitehaven in London; he took that job to protect the scared kids and adults.

Scary clowns in London.
Scary clowns in London.

His job was to help everyone sleep well at night without fearing these awful clowns. The London police are taking this matter seriously, as stated by Commander Julian Bennett, he said that they are getting a lot of reports about a wave of killer clowns incidents in London, three of them are in the area of criminal offense.

Bennet also says their primary responsibility is identifying and investigating these criminals. However, this behavior could leave people in fear, anxiety, and intimidation, he advised the people who are causing these crimes to reconsider their acts, as they are leaving people in fear.

London's Batman.
London’s Batman.

Adults are very happy to find out that a man dressed in a Batman custom is chasing clowns for the sake of kids and everyone damaged from these incidents.

The Bat warned the clown people in the video saying they should be afraid of him, as he will punish each and every one of them.

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