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22 Go-To Healthy Snacks To Fill You Up Between Meals

1 year ago | Category: Health
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These snacks will shut down your hunger and keep you filled between meals.


Have you ever felt hungry after you finish your meal? Exactly, always! The torment you feel being hungry and you have just finished your meal is unbearable. You fear to ruin your diet and most likely all the snacks are far from being healthy as your meals.

So, you always decide to stay hungry until meal time comes and you get you get to eat hoping the hunger won’t be back again. However, you just decide to eat some unhealthy snack, sneakily,  to kill the hunger and you then spend some good time regretting it.

On the other side, these healthy snacks are far away from being tasty. Take for example these almonds and mushy banana. You are fed up eating them and having them in your bag and have to eat them.

That’s why we present you with the best ideas from dietitians, nutritionists, and healthy food bloggers to make tasty and healthy snacks. They will tell how to make delicious to-go snacks that will fill you up and you can make them in big batches to save them for the week.

1. Spiced Popcorn with curry paprika, garlic parm, or spicy oregano.


2. Chocolate Chip Hummus


3. Banana Berry Nice Cream


4. Stuffed Avocado


5. Fresh Fruit Trail Mix


6. Chia Seed Pudding


7. Savory Curry Granola Bars


8. Chocolate Coconut Oat Balls


9. Greek Yogurt Bowl with Granola


10. Berry Blast Super Shake


11. BBQ-Flavored Crispy Roasted Chickpeas


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