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21 Makeup Products For Oily Skin To Maintain Dry Look

1 year ago | Category: Fashion
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They are designed specifically to maintain the oily skin. 


For every girl out there with an oil skin, we feel you! Wearing makeup on a hot day  is a torture, or even wearing makeup on any other day. It always goes off your face making a horrible mess leaving you look like a clown. You have always tried many tricks but in vain.

You think of wearing under eye makeup and some concealer thinking it would help you keep the makeup fixed. However, you end up with creasing under makeup and the concealer is oxidizing. You always hear about some makeup that would help you on your day, so you give a try and find out that they are not helping.


So you think that the right products is just a lie. You remain with a single thought that finding the right product is more difficult than climbing Mt. Everest. But makeup artists and those who know best about makeup know for sure that there are actually awesome products to keep you without a greasy face and keep a matte and slick face.

So, we provide you now with 21 makeup products that will actually help you keep a clean face with makeup if you have an oily skin.

1. Makeup For Ever HD Microfinish Powder for $22.


light on the face and keeps the makeup dry all day.




2. Missha Mega EX-Volume Mascara for $18.


It doesn’t smudge at all.

3. Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Combo/Oily Skin for $12.99.


It’s good for the price and it does actually stay.

4. Ben Nye Finishing Spray for $15.27.


It helps keep everything in place for 12+ hours.

5. Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner for $19.


This one doesn’t budge.

6. La Roche-Posay BB Cream for $29.99.


It keeps your face matted.

7. MAC’s LiquidLast Liner for $21.


Simply, put this one and go swimming and it won’t smudge.

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